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Handheld billing machine for Cable TV operators

Palmtec for Field Payment Collection for Cable TV operators
Cable TV have a system of Monthly Fee Collection, for which cable tv operators or agents go to door to door and collect money from subscribers, shops and housewives on a daily basis. They give receipt against each collection and they are supposed to remit this amount at cable TV office the very next day. However, due to various reasons, this remittance and related updation of data rarely happens. This ultimately leads to mistakes, misunderstandings and more over malpractices. Computerisation alone cannot solve this. They need a system that can give receipt on the spot, capture the data and later download to the software, without re-entering. Moreover, the balance in the account of each customer should be made up-to-date, and that should be printed in the next day's receipt. This is where; Palmtec (Handheld Spot Billing Machine) plays an important role. The collection agents can download the details of the customers, before…

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