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Tamil Actress Sneha Profile

Personal Profile (Personal Biography):
Original Name: Suhasini Rajaram
Date of Birth (Birthday): 12 Oct 1981
Height: 5’5″
Hair Color: Black
Birth Place:  Mumbai (Maharastra)
Religion: Hindu
Marital Status:  Single
Languages: English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam And Kannada
Hobbies:   Reading Books, Listening to music
Other Facts: Learnt folk dance and Bharathnatyam
Family Background

Father’s Name: Rajaram
Mother’s Name:  Padmavathy
Brother’s Name: Balaji, Govind
Sister’s Name: Sangeetha
Film Background (Filmography)
Debut Film:  Virumbugiren (Tamil)
Famous Movies:  Vasool Raja MBBS, Aanandam , Ennavle, Vaseegra , Jana,Unnai Ninaithu , King, Autograph, Sri Ramadasu, Ernandoi Sreevaru, Paandu
Latest Movies:  Palikoodam, Naan Avan Illai, Pudhu Pettai
Upcoming Movies:  Inba, Pirivom Santhipom, O chinnavada
Favourite Dish/ Recipes:  Vegetable Biriyani, Italian Food, Chinese Food
Favourite Dress:  Kurtha and Jeans
Likes: Playing Shuttlecock, Chatting with friends, Sleeping, Watching Movies
Hobbies:  Reading…

S. Ve. Sekar Stage Dramas

S. Ve Sekar is a veteran in Tamil Drama scene with more than 35 stage dramas to his credit. He had done more TV serials as well as movies also. 
ஹல்வா     Easily one of the best by S. Ve Sekar's. This is about Detective Ganesh working on the assignment of finding out Gulfi, the 20 yr old rich lost heiress. To compound his woes 3 'Gulfis' land up in his client's place. Ganesh has to choose the right 'Gulfi'. In parallel Ganesh is in love with 'Meow' without seeing her, thus making a spoof of Kadhal Kottai. So he has got the additional burden of locating his heartthrob also amidst his business tension.

வால் பையன்One fine day Chidambaram gets a long tail from Lord Hanuman. How he manages with that extra feature is the crux of this drama....
யாமிருக்க பயமேன்     Vetrivel is a lawyer who is always at loggerheads with Krishnaveni. But destiny has other plans. His uncle marries the elder sister of Krishnaveni and now Vetri is under pressure to tie kn…

Preeti Puri

Preeti Puri, the very beautiful and talented actress has catapulted to fame by essaying the vampish character in the Zee evening show `Mamta`. She is an out-an-out negative character in this show and is very happy with the response she is getting for this show. Her trademark blinking of eyes in the soap has also become very popular and when she socializes people asks her to show how she actually does it on-screen. As the negative characters are emerging at a fast rate today so Preeti Puri has taken it as a challenge to carve out a niche for herself in the hearts of the audiences of the small screen. In this soap she plays an ambitious daughter-in-law hankering after riches and wealth and is not portrayed as the usual scheming types. She at once grabbed the offer when it was offered to her because it was a story with a difference based on the life of a surrogate mother and what happens to her when she is told that her baby is alive but not in safe hands.

Preeti Puri is an MBA graduate …

Vikrant Rai

Vikrant Rai is no more an unfamiliar name in the television industry. He has made the young girls to get attracted to him not only by means of his sheer good looks but also by his immense acting flair. In fact such is his acting skills that he has bagged two big projects together within a very short span of his career. He was seen essaying the role of Kshitij in the popular Zee show `Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan` and also portrayed the role of Jeet in another superhit Zee soap `Maayka-Saath Zindagi Bhar Ka`.

In the former show his role is that of soft, decent and kind-hearted youth who falls in love with one of the female leads Saraswati but looses her when she gets married. But when he hears that her marriage has proved to be a disaster he makes a die-hard attempt to save the love of his life and after putting her evil husband behind the bars he gets married to her and also takes the responsibility of her child. But soon after the marriage he made his exit from the show fo…

Indian TV Actors

• Ronit Roy • Amarr Upadhyaya • Hiten Tejwani aka Karan
• Hussain Kuwajerwala • Rajiv Khandelwal • Ram Kapoor
• Sumeet Sachdev • Iqbal Khan aka Angad • Kiran Karmarkar , Indian TV Actor
• Eijaz Khan aka Kavya • Karan Grover • Aman Verma
• Rohit Roy • Kiran Kumar aka Raman Lamba • Irfan Khan
• Sushant Singh • Govind Namdev • Apoorva Agnihotri
• Shakti Anand • Shivaji Satam • Ravi Bhel
• Chaitanya Choudhury • Vineet Kumar • Rajeev Khandelwal
• Vishal Watvani • Amit Khanna • Amit Behl
• Vikrant Rai • Vikas Manaktala • Karan Singh Grover
• Raju Shrivastav • Kamlesh Oza • Shishir Sharma
• Lalit Parimoo • Ankur Nayyar • Sanjay Taneja
• Vishal Singh • Manoj Joshi • Deepak Qazir
• Vinod Singh • Harssh Rajput • Rajat Tokas
• Gautam Chaturvedi • Prabhat Bhattacharya • Karan Wahi
• Dhruv Bhandari • Jagmeet Samunderri • Pankit Thakkar
• Ajinkya Deo • Abir Goswami • Dharmesh Vyas
• Akshay Anand • Sandeep Rajora • Manish Wadhwa


Let's face it: Awards shows are popularity contests, media coverage is usually a matter of who has the best publicist, and the networks let the prettiest actors on a particular show dominate the ad campaigns. But when you get right down to it, some of the greatest working thespians today choose to hone their craft, not on the stage or silver screen, but on the boob tube.
Here they are every week, bringing class and complexity to the vast wasteland. Many of them are middle-aged, realistically normal looking, and enigmatic; others are stars on the rise, deserving of more screen time. Either way, we think it's time to cut through the hype. So we humbly submit our list of The 10 Greatest Actors on TV Right Now:

CCH Pounder ("The Shield")For six seasons, Michael Chiklis has been the recipient of well-deserved praise and awards; co-stars like Jay "Dutch" Karnes and Kenny "Lem" Johnson earned loyal fan follow…

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - The situation turns embarrassing for Manav, since he is seen as a waiter

Some of the characters in the serial are being shown with some twists in their character. The biggest surprise has been in the nature of the 2 sisters of Archana, Varsha and Vaishu. Both of them seem to be totally against Maanav, and to some extent against Maanav. Their sister-in-law Manju is also totally against Maanav, and also against Archana to a large degree.
Things are slowly moving to a head in the story regarding the double life of Dharmesh, who was already married to Madhuri and had a son, before he got married to Vaishu, who is also now pregnant. The story is moving closer to a revelation, with Vaishu slowly starting to feel a bit uneasy, and the story being shown as showing Madhuri and Vaishu bumping into each other at various intervals, and some close situations where Vaishu could have come face to face with the truth. Both Maanav and Archana know the truth, and Dharmesh knows that they know, and hence is very worried about what Maanav will do.
The situation re…

Death - English TV Characters

Cause of DeathPersonProgramFell to death through glass skylight trying to grasp the Rambaldi SphereIrina Derevko, Sydney's MotherAliasMultiple shots to the body by Sydney Bristow - but by the power of Ramaldi sphere, he came back to life. Dying Jack Bristow - wounded with three shots to his chest - exploded the Rambaldi tomb and trapped Arvin, now immortal, for eternity.Arvin SloaneAliasSubway Bomb Explosion (he couldn't stop countdown)Agent Thomas GraceAlias Machined-gunned down by terrorist Kelly PeytonThe TwelveAliasFake Sydney slashed a knife across her throatReneeAlias Accidentally killed by her father (Arvin Sloane) when he pushed her into a glass coffee table. A shard of glass cut into her throat.Nadia Santos (Sydney's Half-sister)AliasMurdered by SD6Sydney Bristow's boyfriendAliasMurderedWife of Thomas GraceAlias

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